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Shine On, Families HYBRID Webinars (Tools)
Download   PEER Parent Activity #1: Magic Wand  |  PEER Parent Activity #2: Connecting the Dots Between PEER and Family Life Practices  |  PEER Parent Activity #3: Pause  |  PEER Parent Activity #4: Engage  |  PEER Parent Activity #5: Encourage

Shine Assist Reviews the New Head Start Program Performance Standards (Tools)
Description: Three-part webinar series, during which Acelero/Shine content experts review the main changes to Head Start Performance Standards. Three part series is divided into following sections: ECE, Disabilities and Mental Health; PDM and Monitoring; and Family Services and ERSEA.
Download   ECE, Disabilities and Mental Health  |  Program Design and Management  |  Slide Deck: ECE, Disabilities and Mental Health  |  Slide Deck: Program Design and Management  |  Family Services, Health and ERSEA  |  Slide deck: Family Services, Health, and ERSEA